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How long should I nurse my baby? June 13, 2012

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Most people agree that if you can nurse your baby, breast milk is the best baby food available (although even that is a controversial idea in some circles!). For many families, the question is not should I nurse, but for how long? Breastfeeding beyond the first year, known as extended breast-feeding is something women in many other countries take for granted. In the US, however, it can be a very controversial topic. Take the recent uproar over the Time Magazine article about Attachment Parenting, an aspect of which is extended breastfeeding. The cover photo of the article that has generated so many comments:

This photo, and the article associated with it, entitled “Are you mom enough” has sparked lots of conversation about parenting, motherhood, and what is best for babies and children. Matt Bors, a political cartoonist (and partner to one of our lovely Junior Midwives), made this comic in response:

Would a magazine cover showing a three-year-old drinking soda or eating fast food have generated the same response? What do you think? How long did you nurse your babies, and why did you choose that length of time?




2 Responses to “How long should I nurse my baby?”

  1. pdxox Says:

    I nursed my oldest till he was three and my second till 1. I never read the article, but I don’t think the picture would have been so controversial if it wasn’t so ridiculous with the stool and the kid standing. The picture does nothing to promote breatfeeding and makes nursing a toddler seem crazy or weird… which it isn’t.

  2. Laura Erickson Says:

    I have four kids and have nursed for a collective fourteen years. I tandem nursed for a few years and everybody was fed Mama’s milk until they weaned at around their fourth bday. They nursed in public until around 2 1/2 and I got a lot of comments. People also told my kids they were too old to nurse, this was met with a sweet milky smiles and twinkling eyes, they thought that advice must be a joke. I now have healthy teen and adult kids who are very pro-breastfeeding.

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